Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stepping outside your frame of reference

Have you ever felt stuck inside your own experience? As learning animals, we create ourselves through the experiences we have had in our lives. Our own habits of movement, thought, emotion, and sensation define our personalities, our reactions, our character. Although it's who we are, at times this frame of reference can feel limiting.

Below is an audio recording of a very short Awareness through Movement® lesson (attached as a blank video soundtrack). This lesson embodies the idea of stepping outside the frame of reference--becoming aware of the frame of reference can make it possible to step beyond it. Living outside the box can be liberating!

Most Feldenkrais lessons have this idea as a fundamental theme. Shining a light on our comfortable paths of movement helps us realize they are comfortable paths (maybe even ruts) but not the only possibility, as we often assume. This opens the door to new possibilities. Movement is a metaphor for and a microcosm of our experience. Learn to step outside your habitual paths of movement, and you will find yourself thinking, feeling, and acting in new ways.

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  1. I was just this morning reflecting on how the stagnation in my life gets me down. Thanks for the reminder.

    Now to see if this Blogger/Live Journal comment thing is going to work...