Monday, February 1, 2010

Do you feel centered?

What does it mean to be centered--physically, emotionally, mentally? Where is the center? Moving from the center is a fundamental strategy of the martial arts. Our powerful core muscles are stronger than the muscles of our limbs and using them can make movement seem effortless. Discover movement from the center and you may feel centered in every sense of the word.

This lesson uses a breathing technique from Judo to help you sense the varieties of movement that happen while breathing, and get more familiar with the core of yourself. You'll need about an hour to lie on a soft carpet or mat and do the lesson. Enjoy!

[disclaimer: this lesson and the others posted below were recorded during a live class. The pacing and instructions respond to the students in that class. Participating in an actual class is always more effective, but if you can't do that this is the next best thing. Take care and don't do more than you can easily and comfortably.]

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